My August Bullet Journal, Coffee, Doodles, and More!

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Hello Everyone! August has officially started, which means my BUJO has started. I had to start a new journal, because I completely filled up my last one. This spread took a lot of effort and time, but I’m so happy with the result. I’m going to show the beginning of the journal, and my August spread. And are we surprised that it’s coffee themed? I hope this gives some inspiration to you guys! Keep reading to the end to see what supplies I use! Enjoy!





The first page is obviously my key. I like having it there as a reminder and it makes my bujo feel even more organized. Something I found that I really love are quote pages. “Nevertheless she Persisted” is my favorite quote, and it was the perfect place to introduce the first theme.




The flower, color, and vine theme continues. This is just a page to see the future months, the days, etc.




These pages are part of the Future Log. If I know something is going to happen in the future, I can take note of it here, and then put it in the spread, once I make it.




These are simple goals pages, and blogpost ideas. I had a  lot of fun making these pages, because of the calligraphy and flowers.




Of course I had to include a binge list/ to be watched list. I’m going to fill it up with movies and shows that I want to watch. Then I finished the spread with another quote page. If you like these quotes, then check out my Instagram, I do “daily” quotes on my story.




THE COFFEE SPREAD! Before starting this spread, I did a lot of googling. I looked up quotes, doodles, and diff stuff. This is my intro page with some coffee doodles. I’m not the best artist, but I’m really proud of myself.




My monthly log. I already have some blogposts scheduled, and birthdays. I scattered coffee beans around. Throughout the spread, I tried to draw different styles of coffee beans.




This is probably one of my favorite pages. Each day, I’ll color in the ice cubes depending on how I felt or what my mood was. I’m really excited to see what it’s going to look like at the end of the month.




Since I was having so much fun doodling, I thought it was only right to put in a doodling page. Next to that, is the habit tracker. I included hydration’s, skincare, running, and reading. Each day I mark whether or not I do that.




Here is where my monthly goals go. And then another quote. It really speaks to me.




Here are my daily spreads. They are all the same, except for some of the doodles and the quotes. My favorite part is the last page’s coffee dripping doodle. This took me the longest time because of all the precision and measuring. Despite that, I’m happy with how it turned out. I didn’t take a picture of it, but the final page is a thoughts page. It’s just a place where I can jot down thoughts, little, nots, etc.



Supplies I Use: 

  • 5 3/4 by 8 1/2 bullet journal
  • Papermate felt tip pens
  • Papermate ball point pens
  • No smudge markers
  • Agenda 52 Washi tape, stickers
  • Amanda Rach Lee Youtube as inspiration



I hope you enjoyed this post! Bullet Journaling is meant to be a really fun way to organize your life and to be create. I love it so much, and I would definitely recommend starting one. This is definitely my favorite spread, that I’ve ever done and I’m super proud of it. If you liked this post, or if you would like to see more bullet journaling, Click here, here, or here. And if you have any questions, feel free to ask them in the comments. Thanks for reading!




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22 thoughts on “My August Bullet Journal, Coffee, Doodles, and More!

  1. stephabbot says:

    looking through the pictures of your bullet journal is so calming – your doodles are great and it looks like you’ve found the perfect way to organise your mind as opposed to trying to juggle everything internally! Looking forward to seeing more from you 🙂

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