My November BUJO Spread! Holidays, Doodles, Calligraphy and More!



Hello Everyone! Through all the school, stress, and fatigue, I still managed to finish this month’s bullet journal. I would probably fall apart without my bujo, but that doesn’t take away from the fact that I don’t have the time. This month’s spread is more minimalistic and still cute. I started out with the theme of fall food, but I ran out of ideas and changed it to fall in general. There was also some time to practice my calligraphy and my doodling skills. This might give you some inspiration for your bujo spread or maybe you want to start a bujo. Click on the month to see that spread,  August|September| October |.  Enjoy!




The theme for this month is everything to do with fall, but mainly food. I’ve been thinking about doing this theme for a while, and I’m finally getting around to it this month. With Thanksgiving coming up, it seemed like a perfect idea. The cover is a pie, probably apple, but to quote Bob Ross, there can be anything in your painting, it’s YOUR world. 😉. I was in a drawing mood and got some colored pencils out. November is also written in calligraphy, which I also did by hand. I’m really proud of this page and really enjoyed making it.




Last month, I wasn’t very happy with my monthly spread. It was too cluttered and just not aesthetically pleasing. This month I stuck to the original monthly spread I use to do, but put a small twist on it. I got some inspiration from Amanda Rach Lee’s Youtube Channel. I really happy with how this spread turned out. There are some doodles scattered around, as well as a scarf as the banner. It’s clean, organized, and extremely cute.




Letting my “creative juices” flow into my bullet journal is always really fun. Quote pages are always a cute, extra, thing I like to include into my bujos. Keeping the food theme incorporated into this page, I did a little quote and drawing/doodle. I found this quote online and kept it simple while tying in some fall icons.




I try to make each of my spreads a little different, and I always try new things in my BUJO. Since Thanksgiving in America is this month, I thought I would do a grateful spread. I’ve seen this page in other bullet journals, but have never done it before. Basically, I’ll jot down things I’m grateful for, whenever I have the time or feel like it. I There are going to be some fall doodles incorporated as well. Since I’m too busy to keep up with any trackers, this is the replacement. It’s not something I have to keep up with, but it’s just there for whenever I am able to fill it in.




The layout I already use for my daily spread really works, so I continued to use it. I did some food doodles around the sides and corners to maintain the theme but kept it pretty simple overall. The colors are also all part of a fall palette. It gives me room to write daily tasks and then also a space to write down notes or anything I might need to write for that week. This is the best layout I have ever used, it keeps me organized and gives me so much room for more.


I never include this in my Bullet Journal posts. It’s always an add-on that I write down halfway through the month. I need a place where I can write cluttered information that are reminders, notes, and a lot of other things. My level of organization is something I underestimate or overestimate a lot. This just helps me keep everything together in a no-stress way. I didn’t include a picture because I haven’t made it yet, but it’s just a blank page with a title of “thoughts”.



I hope you enjoyed this post! Bullet Journal Spreads have become a monthly thing on this blog, and I love it so much. It’s such a great way to stay organize and at the same time, express yourself creatively. As the weather changes to autumn, you can see the bujo spreads shifting to fall-er themes. Comment down below your November BUJO theme, or you can ask any questions if you would like. Thanks for reading.



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7 thoughts on “My November BUJO Spread! Holidays, Doodles, Calligraphy and More!

  1. Hailey @ IWATPB says:

    Your BuJo is soooooooo cute!! I gave up on the one I started (apps and a regular planner have worked better so far) but my favorite part of the process was definitely decorating my spreads! Lovely post xx

    Liked by 1 person

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