My 2019 Bullet Journal Spread! January, Minimalistic, Rainbow and More!



Hello Everyone! HAPPY NEW YEAR! To start the new year, I had to start a new bullet journal spread. My last bujo ended in August, so 2019 is starting in the middle of a book. I didn’t do a whole other beginning spread, but you can click here to see that. The theme for this spread was colors and rainbow. There isn’t as much doodling, but I kept every minimalistic and played around with different fonts. Enjoy!




First, the “2018 coming to a close” page. This is my way of closing the year at that part of the bujo. I kept the color scheme simple, with the black marker and pen.




Hello, 2019! This is my front page for 2019. I started a new bullet journal book because my last one filled up. I already had a whole new bullet journal set up at the front of this book. To create a nice transition, I also left it at the simple hand lettering and design.




The January opening page. Like I mentioned before, I wanted to keep this spread minimalistic. Each page has a different color, this page, is Red. I practiced my hand lettering to write January. At the bottom, I did a small calendar of January, which I never do, but I thought it looked nice.




This is, by far, my favorite page of this spread. The mood tracker. This page’s color was orange and yellow. I did some simple stretched out cursive at the top. In my last spread, I realized that part of the reason I don’t keep up with mood trackers is that I don’t like the weird shapes. I kept up with the last tracker because everything was a square. The different moods are attributed to different colors in the key on the side.




Something I always include in a spread, a goals page. The green page. I rarely fill it out, but I like knowing it’s there just in case. My sister said it was to empty, but I’m just sticking with simple style. At the top, I played around with calligraphy and outlines, which I think turned out cute. Let me know in the comments if you put a goals page in your bujo. 




A small quote page. I like to include at least one quote page in every spread. This was the blue page, so I used a blue marker throughout the page. Also, it was another nice chance to play around with hand lettering.




Sticking to the simple rainbow theme, I did a basic monthly spread. For anyone who hasn’t bullet journaled before, a monthly spread is great for looking ahead of time and future planning. I did a few little doodles in the margins and practiced some more calligraphy.




In most of my bujo spreads, I keep the same layout for the daily spread. I finally found a spread that works really well for me, so I wanted to stick with it. Some simple equal boxes and an additional notes box to jot down anything I need to. This style and design keep me the most organized and clean.




Lastly, after all the daily logs, a note page. I did a simple banner at the top with “Notes” written on it. This page is great for jotting down anything or little reminders. Even if I don’t use it, it’s nice to have it there.



I hope you enjoyed this post! Bullet journalling is something I started at the beginning of last year. This is my one-year anniversary of when I started bullet journaling. It was and is a great way to stay organized while being creative. If you have any questions about bullet journaling, feel free to comment down below. Have a great 2019!



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6 thoughts on “My 2019 Bullet Journal Spread! January, Minimalistic, Rainbow and More!

  1. Hailey @ IWATPB says:

    I’m planning to put a goals page in my Bujo so that I can hold myself accountable for my New Year’s Resolutions! Haha, I haven’t finished my spreads yet so I should probably get on that today, x.

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