My March Bullet Journal Spread! stars, zodiac, space and more!

march bujo-3.jpg


Hello Everyone! I am soooo excited about this post because this is probably my favorite spread I’ve ever done. At the end of February, my bullet journal ran out of space, so I ordered a new one and set it up. I’ll post an overview of the bullet journal set up on my Instagram, but this post is about my March Monthly spread. In the past, I used regular lined notes books, but this is my first time using a dotted book. (and I love it so much more btw).  If you want to know any of the specific tools I used or have any questions,  let me know it the comments. Enjoy!


*quick little note: the editing and lighting made the yellow very saturated, and I tried to edit it to neutralize the color, but it didn’t work. Imagine the yellow to be a little toned down. a mellow yellow.* 




This month is star-y and zodiac sign themed. The front page is a bunch of dangling stars and some simple calligraphy in the corner, spelling out march. The way I wrote “March“, with the thicker grey downstrokes is also apart of the overall theme.




I really liked this mood tracker and I think it’s going to look great at the end of the month. There are different icons from each day, stars, constellations, and the moon. According to how I feel that day, I’ll color in those icons with the attributed color. Some of the pens smudged when I hand-lettered March, but aside from that, I’m pretty proud.




I’m a Taurus, so to go along with the whole star and space theme, I included a doodle of the Taurus constellation. With the drawing being grey, I didn’t want the title to be grey, so I made it yellow to match the cover instead. *comment your zodiac sign*.




The monthly spread. I added the star doodles and made a notes section out of a constellation, to keep the theme going. Everything else stayed pretty simple. I like this layout, so I keep it the same each month. Lastly, March is written the same way at the bottom.




The same daily spread. It’s the same each month. This layout gives me a lot of space for my daily tasks and my very busy schedule. In the middle of each page, I did some more doodles to keep the flow of the spread. Other than that, the design is minimalistic. I also found that measuring the box was a lot easier with the dots than the lines in my past journals.




I always like keeping a notes page in each spread, because I like having a space to jot down anything. The title is hand lettered with the same grey color and some simple layering.



I hope you enjoyed this post! This post and spread was a lot of fun to make. I really liked how everything turned out, especially the monthly spread. It is a basic theme, but I think the way I executed it is what makes it my own. If you have any questions, leave a comment down below! 



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