My April Bullet Journal!

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Hello Everyone! It’s that time again, the start of a new month and bullet journal spread! I went with a very very spring-flower theme, just to get me in the mood for spring. Winter is my favorite season, but it is ending and this bullet journal spread is my way of accepting that. I still really love how this turned out. Comment down below if you bullet journal or any questions you might have. 


april budo_2019


The cover page. This is an overview of the theme. I hand-lettered April in the corner and bordered the page with the vines of flowers. The color palette is green, light green, that faded pink, purple, and the pastel blue. I love this page so much, despite the accidental smudging. At the bottom of the page, I did a dark grey stripe. It added a little more depth to this cover and it becomes a reoccurring aspect of the entire aesthetic.


april budo_2019-2


A quote page. I started creating this spread a little early this month, so I wanted to take advantage of the extra time to create a quote page. I love the word flourish. I don’t know why, but the whole vibe of it makes me happy and it’s a very spring-feeling word. The dark grey stripes and flower vines are also on this page keeping up with the theme. This page turned out well, especially with the juxtaposition of the simplistic quote and the flowers.


april budo_2019-3


My just-in-case note page. This is a page that I don’t use that much, but take comfort in it just being there. It’s just a place for me to jot down reminders or keep track of long term assignments. I usually keep it at the end of the entire spread, but I think having it toward the front will be a better reminder to me that it’s here.


april budo_2019-4


The monthly spread. I kept this page simple and also have the flowers and small dark grey band. Before I took the pictures for this post, I wrote some reading schedules for school, so don’t mind those. I just completely forgot, but it shows how much and what I use this page for.


april budo_2019-5


This is a new addition to the spread for me, an events page. I usually just leave it at the monthly spread, but last month, my monthly spread got a little crowded. This is a place for me to write down major events for the month so that I can see it all together.


april budo_2019-6


Lastly, the daily spread. I keep these pages pretty simple because I use them a lot. If it’s too extravagant, I don’t feel organized. This is the layout I always use. It works really well for me and it gives me a lot of space for my daily to-do lists, assignments, etc.



I hope you enjoyed this post! If you liked this post, here’s a few of my favorite bullet journal spreads that I’ve done, September, December, Entire Bujo, March. I also really enjoy reading bullet journal spreads, so if you have made one, leave a link down below and I’ll check it out. This spread turned out really nice and super flowery. Now I’m ready for spring and April altogether! Thanks for reading!



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