my may bullet journal spread, pinterest themed!

may bullet journal.jpg


Hello Everyone! I’m so excited for this spread because it was by far my favorite bullet journal spread I’ve ever done. I used Pinterest to find inspiration for these pages after developing a color scheme. The core colors are a few shades of blue, a bright red, a light pink, and grey. I definitely did not keep it minimalistic. After determining that I wanted to make this month extra special, I decided to start early. This took a lot more time than my usual spreads, although if you do want to see those posts, keep reading to the end for all of those links. Enjoy!


may bujo _1


the cover. I did a two- page cover to encompass both of the major themes for this spread. If you go to my Pinterest, you can see the pictures I found for inspiration. I really wanted these first few pages to be really bright and summery. It shows the main color themes and does a little intro to the birthday pages. The lettering is just the same layered, drop shadow text that I do throughout the entire spread. The mess surrounding my journal shows the actual setting of my process.


may bujo _2


the quote page. “j’aime l’ete” means I love summer. Like I said before, I started this spread really early so that it could be really special. A picture popped up on my Pinterest feed a while ago, and I knew I had to do something with this vibe. It’s just a simple drawing of some pants and the bright red converse. There are some flowers in the top to really throw summer in your face.


may bujo _3


the notes page. This is the recurring notes page. The only thing I changed up, was the placement. I put it towards the front so that I wouldn’t forget it. Last month, I didn’t use the notes page too much, so I was okay with the flowers talking about most of the page. The text is still in the same style, but I mixed up the color combination.


may bujo _4


the monthly spread. You can’t tell with the picture, because I took it before writing anything, but this spread has already been so helpful. The top has kind of a lot going on, but I knew that no matter what I did, the page was going to get very full. The inspiration pictures will be on my Pinterest, so don’t worry. I did a little bicycle and flowers in the corner with the main colors.


may bujo _5


my birthday page. May is my birthday month if you couldn’t already tell from all the times I’ve mentioned it. I wanted a place to take notes on things like thank you notes and my plans for my birthday. It’s just a mason jar of iced coffee, but I integrated those core colors to keep everything cohesive. I really love how the pouring drawing ended up looking.


may bujo _6


the daily spread. It’s just the usual layout I do. It gives me so much space for my to-do lists and reminders. This is a picture of the last page, where I had some space over. The borders are colored at random but are the main colors from my theme. I wrote the day of the week and date at the top and then bordered it. This spread turned out so much fun. I included a quote, “Some memories never fade”, and did some juxtaposition of fonts, size, and colors.


may bujo _7


lastly, the overview page. This is just a place where I am going to write out all of the major events in a list, in order, with dates, so that I can see everything all at once. There will be two columns for me to put the date and event/ major due date. I kept everything pretty simple to make sure it didn’t distract me from any of the organizational aspects of this page.



I hope you enjoyed this post! I know I already said this a bunch of times but I really love how this spread turned out. It’s so colorful and bright and summery that it really puts me in the right mood for May. I incorporated some new methods of staying organized while keeping some of the layouts that have worked for me in the past. These posts are meant to be an inspiration for you guys, but I love looking at bullet journal posts too. If you wrote a post, leave a link in the comments! 



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