My June Bullet Journal Spread!

june bujo_1-6.jpg


Hello Everyone! As my re-introduction back into the blogging world, here is my bullet journal for June. The theme this month was summer fashion since that’s going to be a major part of my summer. It’s a good balance of minimalism and more creative drawings. I know this is really late, but Enjoy!


june bujo_1


the cover. Last month I started the spread with a double cover, so I decided to that again. Since the theme is summer fashion, I did one page as a pencil and marker drawing of a tiered dress and the main cover is a denim jacket. This dress is on my to-make list for this summer. You will also see that throughout this spread, I not only kept the summer fashion theme, but continued to use the same colors, flowers, and the lines around the words and pictures. Then to finish, I hand-lettered June on the back of the jacket.


june bujo_1-2


the quote page. I also started this spread early because I had a lot of planning to do for graduation, but starting it gave me more time for fun quote pages. The quote is from Coco Chanel, “Fashion changes, but style endures.” I played around with the fonts and size to make the page really fun. The rough sketch is a hat, with the little doodles and same color from the theme palette.


june bujo_1-3


the notes page. Since the summer is going to be full of projects, trips, and for me, I’m going to be teaching kids how to sew, I wanted a page where I could just see all of the dates.


june bujo_1-4


the monthly spread. It’s just the same layout I always do, with a few extra doodles and a notes section at the bottom. I did a little drawing of a sweater and some sunglasses. I wanted to keep the actual calendar part clean, leaving me room for some writing and events.


june bujo_1-5


the daily spread. Again, this is the same spread I always do, but a little toned down. I kept it very simple because my to-do lists are always very integral for my everyday life and I needed a nice place to write everything.



I hope you enjoyed this post! My posting schedule will be back, every Sunday and the occasional Thursday. (except there will be another post tomorrow to get back on track). I really liked this spread and it gave me a lot of time to relax, just to enjoy the bullet journaling process. This theme was a little different for me because it was much more drawing then doodles, but I liked the change. If you have a bullet journal or wrote a post like this, leave a link below so I can check it out. In addition to that, if you have any questions, I’m happy to answer them in the comments or on my Contact page. Thanks!



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