what’s going on with fast fashion pt 1



We all say we want to help the environment, but that means more than just buying a trendy reusable straw. One of the biggest contributing factors some of the worlds most prominent problems has to do with fashion. As much as it pains me to say, the fashion world is flawed. Fast fashion, worker rights, non-inclusivity, racial stigma, and so much more. While I will definitely expand on those topics in future posts, today I’m talking about fast fashion. In this 3 post series, I’m going to explore what it is, why it’s important, what you can do, and how you can do it. Get ready for part 1 which is all about the basis of everything and some important things to know!




what is fast fashion? I thought the easiest way to define it would be to use the actual Merriam Webster definition. fast fashion: an approach to the design, creation, and marketing of clothing fashions that emphasizes making fashion trends quickly and cheaply available to consumers.




why is it bad? There are many negative effects of fast fashion, environmentally, economically. The fact that big brands are only concerned with making a large profit also means they take short cuts and make financial decisions that will worsen other things. An example would be lowering the price of a piece of clothing to attract more customers, and then also lowering their factory workers wages. Fast fashion is also terrible for the environment. Factories use fossil fuels, they waste water, they generate fabric waste and use fabrics that shed microfibers into the water (but we’ll talk more about that in another post). Overall, it’s really bad.




Which stores? Some of the most prominent fast fashion stores include h & m, although they are implementing some new things, Forever 21, Gap, and so much more. In the other direction, there are stores like wearpact, reformation, and people tree that focus on being ethical and environmentally friendly.




What are the benefits of staying away from fast fashion? Ditching fast fashion is also good for yourself. The more organic fabrics are healthier and better for your body. The clothes are of better quality and last longer. You will feel good about having a closet full of ethically made clothes with good backgrounds. It’s also an easy way to slowly change your lifestyle for the better.


Despite all of this, we, as consumers and people living on earth, can make a change. Make sure to watch out for the next posts of this series, where I’m going to expand on all of this.


Thanks for reading! Here’s a previous post I wrote about this topic, but this series is going to go more in depth. This may seem like either serious or boring topic, but it can be interesting and needs to be talked about. It’s been touched on more often, recently in the media, so it’s a good idea to be informed! Don’t forget to follow to get notifications when the next posts come out!




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What Is Fast Fashion?


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