why writing about what you care about is important



You may have already noticed how this blog is changing. While it may have seemed abrupt, it’s actually something I’ve been thinking about for a while. I wasn’t excited to write and now I am. I found what matters to me, not that what I used to write about didn’t matter to me, I’ve just refocused on something else. The break I took and lack of motivation made me realize how important writing about what matters to you is.


This change all started with me asking myself, is this important to me? I don’t want to write about the top 10 things to do in summer when you’re bored, I want to write about the top 10 things you can do to help Sudan, which keep reading I’ll have more links. Not that I don’t like reading posts like the first example, I just can’t write like that with a passion anymore. It all works out though. Now, I can write with life and motivation about things I care about. I can find other people that also care about activism, positivity, etc and spread the light through writing. I can enjoy it.

That’s the whole point. If you aren’t actually enjoying what you’re doing, or in my case what you’re writing about, then what’s the point? Why? Is it just to keep up something you’ve always done or something that’s expected? Is it to have something to keep track of? I didn’t know, and until I figured out the answers, I couldn’t write (at least not well). So first major tip, figure that stuff out, or else you might make decisions you will regret. Like deleting your blog.

Yes, I considered it. I almost gave up on blogging. When I suddenly lost motivation and pleasure in writing on this site, I thought the reason was that I stopped loving to blog. As I write this I realize I could not have been more wrong. It wasn’t blogging that was the problem. It was what I was writing about and the routine I got stuck in. Blogging is and should be fun. Despite that fact, that seems so obvious, it became a burden. Thankfully, it’s not anymore.

Now for the takeaways. That’s what this whole post is about.

  1. Don’t turn something you love into a burden just because you think you have to do it
  2. Make sure you fully understand what’s happening before you make a rash decision
  3. Don’t stop at just writing. Take this “wisdom” or tips and apply it to life or whatever hobbies you have
  4. The main one: write about what you want to write about because writing should be fun. write about what you want to write about because your writing will be better because of it. write about what you want to write about because you want to if that makes any sense at all.



After not blogging for a while, this was a lot of what I was thinking about. It helped me realize what I loved about writing. If you have any advice or feedback to goes along with this, feel free to leave it in the comments! Thanks for reading!


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