my august bullet journal!



There’s nothing like a good old bullet journal spread post to get you ready for a new month. The theme is a simple version of a book theme and has the same color palette throughout the entire spread. I kept things pretty simple, other than a few of the doodles. It’s also one of the shorter spreads, in terms of time, that I’ve done.  Click Here to see all of my other bullet journal spreads!




the front page. This page shows the theme and the colors that will be in the rest of the spread. I did the title in loose calligraphy to keep things simple. It’s just a plain intro page to open up the rest of the spread.




the notes page. I include a notes page in each of my spreads, just to have a place to keep notes, reminders, or general information that doesn’t have another place to go. I also quickly doodled some books falling, with the same colors.




the monthly spread. I kept the layout the same with the notes section of the side. That’s for general reminders or longterm dates to keep in mind. I also use that space as a key for symbols in the calendar. August is written in loose calligraphy, the same as the front page. To keep the theme going, I included the little bookshelf doodle in the corner.




the daily spread. There’s nothing too special about my daily spread. It’s the same layout as all my others because I find it the most efficient and best for my day to day lists. The boxes are outlined with a marker and then I used a pen on top to clean it up.



Bullet journaling is just a great way to stay organized, and it’s fun to get creative with it. Feel free to comment down below, any questions or leave links to your spreads. Click Here to see all of my other bullet journal spreads!


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2 thoughts on “my august bullet journal!

  1. L I N A. B says:

    I’m so into bullet journalling that’s why I enjoy such posts 🙋 Btw love the layout 😍 I love such simple and minimal yet effective bullet journal layouts 😣 keep up with the great work 💪

    Liked by 1 person

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