what’s going on with fast fashion pt 3



The last post of the short series, part three! You might have already read the first 2, but here is my little spiel and description: We all say we want to help the environment, but that means more than just buying a trendy reusable straw. One of the biggest contributing factors some of the worlds most prominent problems has to do with fashion. As much as it pains me to say, the fashion world is flawed. Fast fashion, worker rights, non-inclusivity, racial stigma, and so much more. While I will definitely expand on those topics in future posts, today I’m talking about fast fashion. In this 3 post series, I’m going to explore what it is, why it’s important, what you can do, and how you can do it. Get ready for part 3, where I’m going to discuss how you can change your lifestyle and what you can do to help! If you haven’t read part 1 or 2, it will make more sense so CLICK HERE and HERE!


First, know what stores are ethical and which ones aren’t. It can be hard to figure out what stores are and aren’t fast fashion brands, but if you put the time into researching properly, it will benefit everyone. I did some of the work for you, this website has 2,000 + stores that have been Cruelty-Free verified. Here are some more.

Ease your way into it. Don’t immediately swear off all fast fashion stores or go vegan. There are ways to slowly integrate more ethical practices into your lifestyle. Check out the links below to see a detailed list of some ways you can slowly change your lifestyle for the better.

Donating + Upcycling. Helping the environment can be as easy as donating your clothes to shelters or thrift stores. Donating makes sure that your clothing doesn’t end up in landfills or in the ocean when someone else could be using it. Upcycling is something I do a lot too. It’s taking old clothes or items and turning them into something you can use. It can be taking two ripped shirts that you were going to toss, and turning them into one that you can actually wear. Or something on the simpler side like making rags and towels out of old sweatshirts.




Go Thrifting. Instead of shopping at fast fashion stores, have fun and go thrift shopping. It’s good if you’re on a budget, because a lot of ethical stores are expensive, with good reason, but it can be hard. Going to thrift stores. Thrifting or WearPact is a good alternative.

Informing other people. That’s what I’m doing with this post. A lot of people are still unaware of this problem. Doing something as small as letting them know about shelters or donation centers can make a large difference. Even reminding a friend that a certain store has terrible labor laws. It can be as little as letting someone know that they accidentally threw away something that can be recycled. Education is one of the most helpful tools that we have.




Get creative. One of the ways I’m trying to eliminate clothing and fabric waste is by making quilts out of old clothing and then donating them. It not only gets rid of clothes that would end up going unworn or in the trash, but it’s also a way for me to do something I love (sewing) and benefits others (animal shelters). You can find techniques to help out issues in your own, unique way.



I hope this 3 post series has been helpful and informing. I personally learned a lot from writing these posts, and it’s opened my eyes to more of the key factors going into climate change and global warming. There’s no way I could write about all of them, but at the bottom of these posts, I’ve left links and references to posts about them. The whole point of this was to show that you can do something and that will make a change. It doesn’t have to be donating one million dollars, it could be as little as starting to recycle or taking shorter showers.


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  1. Clara's Comfy Corner says:

    Oooooh yes, I love posts like this haha! I’ve been thrifting more and more and if I ever find myself shopping at the trendy fast fashion stores, I always try to find some used ones on second-hand stores. Love your post! ♡

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