why i’m a feminist



I’ve written a lot of posts about feminism but I’ve never really touched on why I’m a feminist. There are different reasons for everyone, that I enjoy hearing, so I thought I would write my story. This is going to be a short post, but I would also like to hear your stories too, so feel free to leave a comment! Click here to read some more feminism posts.


A lot of it has to do with always being around such strong women. I grew up in a family where being a feminist and advocating for things was a natural thing. My mom and aunt, after seeing that I was interested in feminism, knew just how to cultivate it. It was actually my aunt who got me The Feminine Mystique, that would show me how much I love Gender Study and Social Science books.

Having such an independent person as my mom in my life is probably the reason I care about feminist this much. She’s a single mom who continues to teach me how to be hardworking and appreciates old movie every day. My mom owns her own business which I’ve been able to help out with. In the past, as I’ve sat through meetings with her, I’ve gotten to witness more boss-lady women in action.

At the same time, I’ve had encounters with people who just fueled my feminist energy, even more, e.i. men patronizing me at events or being catcalled while running. Many life experiences contributed, like those have gone into who I am. It’s also a good life lesson to take bad situations and use them towards something positive.

The political environment that my generation and I have grown up in has factored in a lot as well. Seeing Hilary Clinton run for president, watching AOC, Ilhan Omar, and more women elected has also added to my feminist fire.


More than anything, it’s just who I am. I’ve always been a feminist, I’m just much more vocal and focused now. 



There are so many experiences I’ve gone through throughout my life that have added up into me as a feminist. My mom, aunt, politics, media, etc. were all key factors. I want to know why you are a feminist, leave a comment!  Click here to read some more feminism posts!


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