finding your power outfit



One of the most important things, fashion-wise, is having a power outfit. For some people it’s pajamas and for others, it’s a suit. Click here to read my post about body positivity. This has a lot to do with body positivity and feeling confident about yourself.


power outfit-4


that’s the great thing about fashion. It has the potential and ability to completely change how you feel and see yourself. You will always be the same person, but the right outfit can bring out your confidence, your inner boss lady, etc. Finding that outfit is just the first step.


power outfit


something that makes you feel powerful. It’s in the name, “power” outfit. Even if you remove it, it’s still your outfit.

something that makes you feel confident. First, you have to find the clothes that make you feel confident about yourself. Clothing items that when you put on, you feel great. It’s an outfit that you could put on when you need to feel good about yourself.

power outfit-3


there are no limits to what your outfit can be. Don’t think of your power outfit as something that has to be cute or fancy. Or something that’s always the same thing. As long as it makes you feel confident, it doesn’t matter. When you are looking for your power outfit, don’t limit yourself.


power outfit-2


my outfit. My main power outfit consists of my favorite jeans and one of my favorite blue shirts. I feel comfortable and confident whenever I’m wearing it. As someone who likes to plan for every situation, someone who plans outfits ahead of time, this outfit has been approved for every scenario. ( I know I sound a little crazy, but it’s what makes me sure of it). It’s good for warm days and I can wear a cute sweater to make it cold-weather appropriate. The jeans are recycled water bottle jeans from Aeropastle and the shirt is from Target ( the sweatshirt was thrifted).



I feel like I haven’t been writing about fashion as much lately, but that’s because I wanted to make sure it was the type of fashion posts I wanted to write. Comment down below what your power outfit is!  Thanks!


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