my september bullet journal



A new month, new bullet journal spread. I got a bigger bullet journal, after finishing my last one at the end of summer. This has more room, which is perfect for the school year and my long to-do lists. The general layout stayed the same, but the theme this month was just a bunch of cloud doodles. I kept it minimalistic and clean. If you have a bullet journal, feel free to ask questions or leave a link in the comments! 


sep bujo _


front page. The lettering is a part of the theme, so it can be seen throughout the entire spread. It’s a nice, clean transition page.


sep bujo _-3-2


notes. This is just a place to be messy with notes. A place to jot down anything – anywhere. I did the same hand lettering for the title and the little clouds to keep the theme going.




monthly spread. I like the little doodles around the page, keeping everything cohesive. This is probably my most useful and helpful page. It helps me see everything at once so that I can plan well. I only did a few clouds because I didn’t want to clutter the page.


sep bujo _-5


first daily. The first daily page has a fun quote because I had extra space. I just wanted to included this page to show how I do the daily spread when it doesn’t take up the entire  two pages.


sep bujo _-2


daily. This is my favorite daily spread because it’s the most efficient for me, and it works really well for my day-to-day life. There’s also a notes box (you can never have too many notes sections). And of course, the small cloud doodles. I used a pen and colored pencil – it doesn’t bleed through.



That’s it! I had a lot of fun, sitting down and taking a break to finish my bullet journal. I’m happy with how it turned out, but  If you have a bullet journal, feel free to ask questions or leave a link in the comments! 


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