the progressive state of school



After one week of high school, I’ve already noticed how far the school systems have come. To some, schools are just places to get a mandatory education. With the new progressiveness of schools, it has become more. I thought of how far it has come. From technology usage to the social progress of institutions itself. In the news we see the awful things happening in schools, and now I can finally see proof that local schools are paying attention. They are actively trying to do something. Let me know if your school is progressive in the comments! 



my school experience. I would first like to say that I have the privilege of going to a private school. That being said, a lot of this post is going to be based on my private school experience, but let me know, in the comments, what your school is like.

gender preference forms. This was the main change in my school life that spurred me to write this post. I was so excited when I saw that in every get to know you form, that the teacher put out, included a question verifying gender preference. It’s great to see that teachers and administrators are recognizing every single person for who they are.

technology. Technology may not be related to social progress, but it still progresses within a school. Embracing technology and advancing the school, when given the chance, is better for everyone. It shows that schools are making an effort towards keeping up with everything and modern innovations.

a gender-neutral dress code. Also, while we’re talking about dress code, click here to read my post about the dress code and all the problems with it. There was a new gender-neutral dress code instated this year as a result of students. Now, instead of male-identifying students have a certain dress code and female-identifying students having another dress code, it’s the same set of rules for everyone. An example would be how only the guys had supposed to wear belts and ties, and now no one does.




opportunities in clubs. There are clubs for feminists, democrats, republicans, lgbtqa+, etc. People have new opportunities to start specific clubs and form new groups/communities. I thought it was great that the school didn’t restrict talk about politics and social ideas as some schools have been known to in the past.

diversities in teachers. You can see how the idea of a teacher is becoming more inclusive to people who aren’t society’s image of a teacher. They aren’t all women (as teachers can be seen as a feminine job in older cultures). There are teachers with different academic, cultural and racial backgrounds. While a teacher’s race, gender, or background doesn’t define there teaching abilities, it gives students more choices. If a kid wants to be able to talk to or relate to, they have the option to when there is a wider range of teachers. I can, my school, see how having a varied school of teachers can be beneficial.

discussions and counselours. I also think that discussions about previously taboo topics are being welcomed more widely. There are more opportunities to talk to someone about substance abuse, bullying, etc. Kids can now feel safer and comfortable in a school environment. It also helps to prevent the repercussions of not talking about our problems, like mental health issues.



Before you mention it, yes, there is going to be a bunch of school-related blog posts coming soon. It’s not because I want to remind everyone that school has started, but it’s because the new school year has brought up a lot of topics that I just needed to talk + write about. CLICK HEREto read my post about why writing about what you want is important. Leave your thoughts or your highschool experience in the comments!


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