what I noticed at my first high school football game



Last weekend, I went to my first – under the lights – high school – football game. While I did have a lot of fun, cheering with my friends, it brought up a lot of topics that no one is talking about. It makes a perfect conversational blog post though. I am going to be discussing some fun topics like our theme but also some of the not some positive parts of this popularized culture. At the end of this post, I left some links to other articles that explored this topic more.

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yeah, it was fun. I think I should be very clear about the fact that I did have a lot of fun. At the game, I got to spend time with my friends, dress up to the theme (even though I ended up wearing my school sweatshirt), and even if none of that happened – I still got some snacks.

an experience. It’s good to know that I’ve experienced at least one high school football game. I learned that high school football games aren’t as popular as they seem in the movies. With the exception of this first, under the lights game, no one really goes to them other than family + friends.

where’s the girl’s football team? or maybe the question is why is it a boy’s football team? Now that we got past the positive stuff, this is what I really want to talk about. Even though statistically there are more females playing football than in past years, there’s still an obvious disparity.

the coverage. Even though there are football teams for girls or co-ed teams, they aren’t popularized. People only care about the NFL because that’s the only things that are promoted and it’s mainstream. So when people use the fact that they exist as an excuse or justification, they aren’t being real.

the one female kicker. In all fairness, my school does have a female kicker. When I brought this up in a class, they immediately brought her up as a get out of jail free card as they kept pointing out the fact that she made history. Although, it still is pretty amazing that something is at least happening. I don’t want it to seem like I don’t like this fact, because if anything, it is a sign of change.

I asked on my Instagram, what everyone’s thoughts were about boys football and girls football teams or even a co-ed team. The responses were all the same. “If there is a girls team there should be a guys team” or “Why does gender matter, everyone should play football. It should be based on their skill”.

the cheerleaders. I don’t think I even have to explain what’s wrong with this. The objectification that comes from their outfits and the symbolic similarities between people.

high school culture. It’s a part of high school culture, football games. Going to support the team. Dressing along with the theme and cheering louder than the other school. But is it a good aspect of high school culture? I think it can be. They are a lot of fun but I think they would be better if everyone felt that they had the opportunity to be a part of the team and excitement.

the sports industry. Earlier this year, the US Women’s Soccer team won and used that spotlight to not only bring more attention to women’s sports, but they discussed wage gaps, sexist stereotypes, and many more topics.



My first high school football game! Thanks for reading! Leave your thoughts or your own experiences in the comments below!


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