i’m a feminist and….



Instead of the saying, “I’m not a feminist, but”, I wanted to do a post on something more positive. Every day, people convince themselves that being a feminist is a bad thing because of the negative connotation it comes it. It’s taboo. people convince themselves that they don’t consider themselves to have that label. They actually are a feminist because the end of that phrase would be, I’m not a feminist, but I believe in the social, political, and economic equality between the genders. Today I’m talking about how feminists have their own identity and how you can be a feminist and still have character. Share what your version of this phrase is in the comments, “I’m a feminist and…”


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what does it mean to be a feminist? I think that part of the reason people don’t call themselves feminist is that it’s either a dirty word or they think that the ideas associated with feminism aren’t positive. The misrepresentation of feminism is what causes the I’m not a feminist but… and it’s holding the world back. imagine what would happen if the world had more active feminists. that’s a post for another day.

you can still be a feminist and have independence. Just because you are a feminist doesn’t mean you have sold your soul away. It doesn’t mean you are giving up a part of yourselves. Being a feminist means joining people. In fact, you’re not losing anything – you’re gaining a community.

i’m a feminist and i like rom-coms. You can still be an independent, strong woman and like romance movies. The idea that feminists can only be people that hate romance, men and are lonely is more than false. I like romcoms and I’m a proud feminist.

i’m a feminist and i shave. One of the most visual misrepresentations of feminism that I can think of has to do with shaving. Feminists, believe it or not, can shave. Not everyone does it because it’s not mandatory. I shave because it’s my body + my choice. I don’t feel pressured into doing it, which makes it a feminist action, owning my body, etc. So yes, you can be a feminist and shave at the same time.

i’m a feminist and it’s part of who i am. It’s always been who I am. The fact that I like romcoms or that I shave doesn’t define the type of feminist I am. There are no limits to what I feminist looks like.



I think it’s good to acknowledge not just the diversity of the world, but the diversity of the feminist community. We shine through our differences and don’t exclude based upon them. Let me know what your “I’m a feminist and….” statement is in the comments.


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