my first climate change protest



Last Friday was the global climate change school strike. I went to the one in D.C., and it was one of the best things I’ve ever participated in. I want to start out saying that this post is solely for the protest/ school strike experience. I am writing a separate post dedicated to climate change action.


preparing. I did make signs, but once we decided to take the metro, I didn’t want to risk forgetting or losing them. The thought was there and I’m upcycling the signs into wall decorations. Some of my favorite signs I saw were, “Sorry for the inconvenience, we are trying to save the earth”, and “fight climate change or die frying!”.




metro. We took the metro to and from the strike. Not only was it a greener alternative to driving, I’m pretty sure we save 30 minutes of our route. We even had a nice conversation with a middle school group, on the metro, that was also going to the strike.




speakers. Among the speakers were high schoolers, 5 year olds, senators, reverends, and more of the fore runners of the climate change action movement. Not only were all the speeches incredibly moving, but the diversity of speakers was amazing. This was a youth organized strike. The speakers ranged from elementary students to senior senators.




the land. At the very beginning of the strike, there was a land acknowledgement. Representatives of the Indigenous people, that this land belongs to, spoke. The way they spoke, the use of their native language, even the way they called out congress went into their speeches. I loved that they dedicated time to talk about how we are abusing this stolen land, native American land. I’m not as educated about this very important topic but here is another resource.




the intersectionality. Another main part of the strike and of this movement was the crossroads of other causes. The racial issues that can be found along the way. The problem with toxic masculinity and recycling, as an example. The LGBTQ aspects that were recognized. All of this was brought up during the strike and should continued to be recognized in future discussions.




5:30. After a long, exciting day of protesting, we rode the metro home around 5.



I am writing a post that goes more into depth on climate change and what climate action is. More specifically, it’s going to be about public pressure’s effect. Let me know in the comments if you were at any of the global strikes on the 20th.


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4 thoughts on “my first climate change protest

  1. vaishnavi says:

    aah, this sounds like an amazing experience! i’ve always we wanted to partake in a strike; seeing everyone gathered in one area for the same purpose that you are is pretty awesome. climate change is first up!

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