why reading the news is important

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I would never have thought, before these past few years, to write a post about this. I always thought that around age 13, everyone started watching the news, staying up to date, etc. I thought that it was the norm to know what was happening in the world. Sadly, I’ve seen so much ignorance and the overlooking of current events/ news. This post isn’t meant to call or shame anyone for not keeping up with the news. I just want to share my reasoning behind why reading the news is so important, especially for kids.


why is it important? My main point is that, if you aren’t educated on what’s happening in the world, you run into some issues on making change. Not that you can’t enact change or voice your opinions without the news, but it’s just a major beneficiary. Keeping up with the news and observing multiple perspectives plays such an important part in forming your own ideas. Speaking about the U.S. specifically, a lot of our nation is built on public opinion. To accurately make laws and represent people, the voters and citizens need to know what they are doing.

ignorance. When I say ignorance, I mean someone supporting a candidate but not being aware they have entirely different beliefs that the voter does. That’s just an example.

a belief with nothing to back it up. You need to back up your ideas. Even if the support is something like I like pizza, because it’s tasty, you still need the support. Obviously, I’m not talking about pizza. Another example would be, I’m voting for ___ because I agree with ____ and they are trying to achieve it. The problem I have with other people not supporting their ideas, is that – you may not think you are saying what you are saying. I don’t care if you are conservative or liberal, I care if you are sincere and have integrity to those ideas. That’s why keeping up with the news and doing research is important to properly forming your ideas and beliefs.

what does voting have to do with all of this? Voting is a major part of this topic. Not staying informed can lead to things like uninformed voting. How will you know how to vote if you know nothing about what you’re voting for? A lot of newly eligible voters, especially, need to know things like how to register to vote, when you can vote, etc. Click here to read my post about voting. 

some important questions: Where are the votes going to? What are important issues now? Who is trying to change that? What do I believe in and want? Why are people upset about this? Why are people excited about that? What’s my country doing in other countries? What needs to change and why? 

some resources. Make sure your resources are reliable and make sure to get multiple sides of the story. I really like the NEWS app’s morning updates/ briefings on my phone. That’s how I start my day. PoliticoNYT Morning Briefing – The Guardian Morning Briefing . They don’t even have to be the normal forms of news, I LOVE The Daily Show with Trevor Noah’s podcast. It’s another form of updates and is really fun.

what is the alternative? The world without informed people leads to laws and practices that only benefit some groups of people. An example would be billionaires and richer people being informed on ways to get out of taxes vs. everyone else knowing that they can vote for tax reform. And you may think that everything is black and white in the world, but it does take effort to know what’s happening.





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4 thoughts on “why reading the news is important

  1. kelsfed says:

    I think this is a very important topic to cover. Like you mentioned, following the news seems like something simple that everyone should do, yet many people stay ignorant and misinformed on current events. I’ll admit I was one of those people when I was in high school, but as I’m getting into my professional career I am seeing the importance of something as small as reading a newspaper. There are so many benefits whether it helps someone in their career, on how they vote, or another aspect of their life.

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