the woman history class forgot about

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Do you know who the first woman to run for president in the U.S.A was? The first woman who owned a firm on Wall Street? The first woman to own a newspaper? Probably not, as she gets left out of most school curriculums and in public knowledge overall. But you can probably tell me at least 5 U.S presidents, who are obviously all male. It’s sad that women and women of politics are often left out of history. They have made just as much an impact, if not more than the men has. And their accomplishments shouldn’t be diminished because of the gender. I just want to make sure that this woman definitely isn’t.



who was Victoria Woodhull? Like I said before, she is considered the first woman to run for president. She was also the first woman to own a brokerage firm on Wall Street and first woman to own a weekly newspaper, as if running for president wasn’t enough.

why is she so special? A woman running for president is amazing enough, but she did it before women could even vote!

how is she left out of history, even now? You’ve already seen how amazing of a woman and historical figure she was, but not everyone agrees with that. Some people make she argument that she wasn’t actually the first woman to run for president for many reason. The first reason was that because she was a woman and woman couldn’t vote, she wasn’t a legitimate candidate. The second reason has to do with the fact that even though she ran, she didn’t get enough votes ( she only got about a scattered 2,000) to have an impact.

why don’t we learn about her in history class? I honestly don’t know. The curriculum doesn’t appreciate women like her, but history class is more than happy to talk about all the white male colonizers history has seen throughout the years. It’s a perfect example of how female representation in education is severely lacking.

what needs to change? Women need to be recognized. It’s as simple as that. The women history forgot about need to be brought back into schools and everyday knowledge.

this is just a brief look at Victoria Woodhull and her accomplishments, but check out the links I provided to educate yourself even more! Thank you! 


It’s clear that if I asked you to name 10 male politicians throughout history or even now, you would be able to tell me with ease. If I asked you to name, not even 10, 5 female politicians in history, it would take a lot more time. This just shows how, despite the progress of women’s representation, there is a lack of value attributed to them and those in history.


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4 thoughts on “the woman history class forgot about

  1. vaishnavi says:

    it’s so cool that you decided to write about victoria woodhull *starts researching* i would’ve loved to see her campaign for president– she sounds kindsortareally awesome.
    i wholeheartedly agree with “history class is more than happy to talk about all the white male colonizers history has seen throughout the years.” it’s completely true for me, and what’s even more upsetting is the fact that these people have committed more than a few wrongs themselves (like how george washington had dentures made of slave teeth??) i drifted off topic haha, but it’s still sad to see these sort of people brush away so many. also, there’s a really cool podcast i think you’d like called “stuff you missed in history class” and i always learn super interesting tidbits of knowledge from it 🙂

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