before you vote.

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The Election is coming up! I know that I already did a post about voting, and I will definitely be doing more in the future, but a final reminder post would be good. Not only is this a reminder for everyone that is eligible to vote, it’s a resource page. I found a bunch of great resources that answer questions like what to bring on election day, where to go, how to decided who to vote for, etc. This post is a simplified guide to the basics of voting this Tuesday.

Before you read, I want to give a disclaimer that this is an educational post and I didn’t include any of my personal political beliefs. 


your main resource. use this website to find your state’s election website.  This is where you can find locations, your state’s specific voting laws, candidate information, educational resources, etc.

voting location. use this website to figure what your voting district and location is.

voting vocabulary. Use this website to see a list of voting and election terms that you might want to know.

candidate information. Use this website to learn more about candidates.

know your rights. Use this website that goes over the Voting Rights Act. It’s important to know your rights and the current battle against voter suppression.

photo id. 2/3s of states require photo identification. A photo id can be presented in the form of a passport, driver’s license, military ID, etc.  Use this website to learn more about the specifics and your state’s laws.

general requirements. If you are voting in person, use this website as a guide to some of the requirements and procedures.



I know that not everyone get’s as excited about voting as I (a 14 year old) do. But it’s still an important thing to participate in. It’s even more important to be educated and know how to properly vote. I hope this post was helpful and provided an organized guide that wasn’t too overwhelming. If I missed any, or if you have a favorite resource I didn’t included, feel free to leave them in the comments.


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