is awareness the solution?

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This is a question I think about a lot. How far can raising awareness go when it comes to things like social change, political change, things like human rights violations around the world, etc.? I have so many conflicting thoughts and ideas about it and don’t really know what my definitive answer is. There are a lot of articles and resources out there where people pick one side and argue it, but I wanted to take the time to discuss both ideas. At the end of this post, there are some more resources of other opinions on this topic of change by awareness. I would also love to hear any of your ideas or opinions as well, so feel free to leave them in the comments!


what caused me to think about this? I’m still a teenager, which means all if not, most, are teens too. And every once in a while, a video highlighting an important current event, like the fires in the South America or a school shooting, will go viral. No one really says anything about it, but they repost it on their story and move on with their life. For one week that one video will be on everyone’s instagram story only to be forgotten in a few days. This always makes me angry but curious, do these people care? If they don’t care, should that matter? No matter why they reposted it, they are spreading awareness, but is that enough? If they don’t care and are just acting for show, should they be reposting it or is it better that at least they are somewhat aware of it.

so here are the main questions summarized: 

  1. Is raising awareness going to get us anywhere?
  2. Is it enough to see change occur?
  3. Does ignorant reposting accomplish anything?
  4. Should it matter that kids unconsciously repost if it accomplishes a little awareness?

1. On the one hand, education is always important for eliminating ignorance. Raising awareness for things is what leads to larger actions like legislation and fundraising. We all know how I feel about ignorance. Eliminating ignorance is another major step that needs to be taken to prevent these issues from going unknown. Not only do we have to see change in the world, but that change has to be permanent. And it can’t be permanent if people aren’t there to keep the new social, political, and economic order.


2. On the other hand, awareness and knowledge can only go so far. It’s much different that active change, like protesting and actual implementations. What will happen once education reaches its extent? Words, while are impactful, has a limit. It’s clear that we can’t educate everyone. We need ideas and change to follow even after awareness has been spread.


why does this matter? I know to a lot of people, this is going to seem like a pretty useless conversation. But it’s important to think about because this way we can figure out if what we are doing is enough to enact change and other ways to be more efficient at reaching goals. Discussion is a major part of the process towards change. These are questions that I actually think about and while they do have philosophy involved in them, they are based off of opinions and mindsets.


what should we do now? Continue to raise awareness for prominent and pervasive issues, while including ways to actively help in teachings. Be mindful before you repost something. Take the time to research and make sure you understand what you are talking about and spreading.



It’s a paradox. I’m trying to ask and educate about the importance or futile reasoning behind education. More than anything, I want to hear what you think? I love reading and hearing about other perspectives and opinions.


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