when will the world be ready for a female president?



Most days, I’m very optimistic. I can notice the progress the world is making and still have a realistic outlook. Today is not one of those days. I want to talk about something that on most days, I could say a million positive things about. For example, I could talk about how the democratic candidates have made so much progress in including women and people of color. However, with the decreasing level of diversity in the race, I want to talk about “how the world isn’t ready for a female president” and what needs to happen for them to get with the program.

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“the world isn’t ready for a female president”. That’s something that I hear a lot.  And I don’t like hearing that because it sounds so definitive and immovable. The somewhat surprising thing is, people who would vote for a female or person of color are the ones also saying it. It sounds like we should just accept it and wait, when the actual solution would be to fight that societal opinion.


the recent debate. I always like to explain what spurred on a blog post that I write, and the main spark for this post was the recent and last democratic debate. Andrew Yang pointed out a very interesting point about a reason behind the lack of success in minority candidates.


who’s the actual problem? The problem isn’t the fact that they are women or people of color. The problem is that they don’t run in the same race as the other candidates. Not only do they have to run for president, but they can’t have any flaws. They can’t be unique or radical because people will look for any excuse to not vote for them. They have to figure out how to raise money while representing those who don’t have the money to spend on campaigns. They have to be better than their white counterparts, going beyond their qualifications just to even out the playing field.


the usa. It’s not just the United States that has this political inequality and seemingly immovable state of things. But it makes you wonder, why have other countries been able to move towards a more equal government. New Zealand’s prime minister, Iceland, Rwanda, etc. So it’s not just that “the world isn’t ready for a female president”, it’s that the U.S.A. isn’t ready for a female leader.


when? when will the world accept the reality that women and people of color deserve a place in politics? It is just bizarre to me that even now, in 2019 people still have issues accepting the competence and value of women. So maybe it’s not a question of when will the world be ready, but rather when are we going to redefine what it means to be a president, politician, and the system entirely.


what needs to happen? I don’t know if there is one clear answer yet. The only thing that is clear and obvious is that something needs to change because the world and country isn’t going to succeed without that progressive change. Maybe that means changing the election system or something less radical like encouraging more women in politics.


progress. I am not completely keeping the positive side of stuff out of this post. And I definitely don’t want this post to diminish the success of the women and people of color remaining in the race. Elizabeth Warren is doing very well and even if you don’t agree with her politics, I think we can all admire how she is combating sexist remarks and expectations of her campaign. Candidates like Andrew Yang and Kamala Harris owned and built their campaign off of their diversity and background. Just as it is important to acknowledge to faults of politics and sexism, it’s equally important to recognize those who have flourished in spite of it.



With everything happening in the democratic race, this post was inevitable. Let me know what you think about this. I am really curious to hear from people from countries with female political leaders because it would be an entirely different point of view. Thanks for reading!


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