can social media save the world?



This is going to be a very crazy post, but I am going to do my best to organize all my ideas and thoughts. A while ago, I wrote about how awareness can only go so far in terms of solving global, social and political problems. This post is going to focus specifically on social media and the power it has. Or maybe the power it doesn’t have. Writing these kinds of posts where I look and discuss multiple points of views of a topic really helps me determine what I believe. Hopefully, reading it will have the same effects.



what are social media’s benefits? I know I write a lot about the negative stuff in the world and how to change it, but I also think that it is important to look at the aspects of current systems, like social media, that is working. One very clear part of that would be how a lot of today’s youth use Instagram and Twitter as their main source for news. There are a lot of users that specifically use social media because of the likely teenage outreach. That can be seen as positive, but there is also a lot of manipulation that happens.


what’s the downside of social media? The mention of “fake news” was inevitable. While there are users like the Washington Post and other platforms that are somewhat credible, a fake picture of some shocking piece of news can go viral really quickly. That can be really dangerous too. One time, someone tried to convince me that we were in a war with Canada because of something they saw on Instagram. It only took me 5 minutes of actually research online, reading credible sources, to show them that it was fake.  There is also a big problem about fake concern.


overview. I thought I would make a classic pro-con list to represent social media’s effects.




  • can lead to a real understanding
  • fake news
  • can lead to a real understanding
  • youth manipulation
  • builds a community
    • (ex, #metoo movement)
  • easy wait out/ bad alternative to credible research

is it worth it?
Is social media worth it because of all the people that are getting rid of their ignorance and are learning, or do the negative aspects like fake news and twisted narratives overbalance it? I think that because there are many positive sides to social media, it’s a good thing that at least some people are using it well. There are people staying up to date with (credible) information and news. However, I think social media platforms need to be held accountable for the lack of monitoring they do (an example would be Twitter and Trump). So while we keep utilizing social media as a tool towards change and awareness, letting things go unrestricted isn’t going to work and will do a lot of harm.


conclusion. Did I personally accomplish anything from writing this post other than confusing myself of my own beliefs? Yes I think so. I think we need to have faith in social media as progress is still progress, but not put total trust in it.



Like most of my posts, this was a journey to figure out what I really believe and also a way to look at this topic from multiple angles. I liked considering different things such as the notable successes of social media, before actually determining whether or not I think it’s an effective tool. To answer the big question, No, I don’t think it can save the world, but I think it can help motivate people to save the world.


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