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At school and just in general, I’m known for having very strong opinions and not holding them back. And I like to think that I have a very good way of developing my opinions. However, I’ve noticed that some people, who aren’t like me, have trouble sharing their opinion or even figuring out what they believe in. Which is something I mention a lot in almost every post. It’s so important that we have opinions and even more importantly, speak them. I’m going to talk about the importance of forming an opinion and how to make sure they are genuinely yours.


parents. As always, I want to discuss what caused me to write about this. I’m pretty lucky because my mom has always been supportive of me figuring out my own opinions, rather than impose her own on mine. Especially when it comes to kids, there are so many instances of parents forming their kid’s ideas. I want to be clear and say that not all families are like that. And I also want to be clear about the fact that parents do have positive impacts on kids that may help them form their own opinions. I could write a whole post about this and go into more detail, but I’m going to keep it brief. The significance of the difference is that we need to be able to choose how to interpret that and act accordingly.


your perspective. First, realize that you have a unique perspective and set of experiences that are requisite to forming your opinion. As you go through life, creating opinions, things along the way are going to impact the way you see things. Your perspective. I think that’s something a lot of us forget and need to understand about everyone. Not only do we need to recognize our own, individual perspectives we need to recognize that other people go through things that created their perspective too.


listening to other opinions. You can’t form your own opinion without also hearing others. Not just listening to others, but being open to hearing other people’s ideas and thoughts.


staying informed. I don’t want to sound like a broken record, but I’m going to quickly mention the significance of staying informed. I’ve written a post of “staying aware” and why reading the news is important, so feel free to read those. Opinions are opinions. But looking at the facts and trying to get the full story helps to make opinions and positions on topics more well informed. It strengthens them too. I know that there are so many people out there without the resources to stay informed or don’t have the time, but it still has so much significance.


blogging. For me, a major part of how I determine my opinion on a certain topic is through blogging. Usually, a blog post requires research and internet searching. I look at the facts and read about other people’s perspectives. Then, as I write the blog post, I form my position on the topic. I think more critically and use all of the resources I just mentioned to create well-formed opinions. I’m not saying that you need to do research, write 500 words about it, and then spend time thinking about it before you decide whether or not you like apple pie. This is just a way that I deal with it.


the significance of it all. If people don’t take the time to create well informed, thoughtful opinions, that’s their choice, but then the system if things don’t work as well. The world needs people to advocate for things. Our government needs people to vote and to stay aware because that goes towards legislation and the future of the nation. If we don’t bring together our unique opinions, then people go unrepresented.



Share your thoughts, your opinions! I love starting discussions in the comments and I love getting feedback. Before I sat down to write this post, I didn’t know that I would have so much to say. This even made me think more about the way the world and society works. Like I said before, blogging really helps me think more critically about EVERYTHING.


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