how are we going to have a discussion if people don’t want to talk

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Even after being called an “aggressive feminist” and “way too opinionated”, I still like to respectfully engage in discussions and conversations. I think they are necessary and I’m not afraid to contribute to larger discussions. However, I wonder, we have these discussions and try to raise awareness, but why aren’t things changing. Perhaps because some of the people that have trouble understanding aren’t in the conversations. That’s the main thing I want to discuss. How are we going to see and promote change if the people it would benefit, people that don’t understand, and everyone, in general, won’t talk or discuss?


why discussion is important. First, we should talk about why having an actual discussion is important and what makes a discussion effective. A discussion is when multiple sides and opinions are shared to come to a communal conclusion. Not all conversations have to solve world hunger, but they all help to further everyone’s understanding and help move humanity forward. However, a discussion only has its full potency when everyone is contributing, so that it’s not just one side saying things they already know. So is a discussion even really a discussion when people are missing from the conversation? 

what’s the issue. The problem and trend that I am seeing are that there are people that don’t see the value of discussing things or just don’t want to participate altogether. That means that discussions aren’t fulfilling their main purpose, because not all sides are vocal. So how are we going to have an effective conversation or solve the issues of the world if people are unable to commit? 

different kinds of people. I don’t want to over-generalize everyone, but I do want to briefly talk about the people that aren’t taking part in discussions. People come up with a lot of reasons why they don’t want to or can’t participate in discussions. Some people say they don’t understand. Some people say they are discussing, but are just arguing. Some people just don’t care. 

what can we do? We can start early, fostering inclusive discussions in schools for kids. We can make sure that there are opportunities for discussions, like within the UN or in neighborhoods. We can make sure those opportunities get the right kind of connotations and exposures that make people feel welcome to them. We can teach kids and girls and boys to develop their voice and become more open-minded people. 

why we have to do something. I only gave a few ideas of how we can generate more participation and a sense of openness to discussions, but there are so many additional approaches we can take to achieve that. We have to do something, because if without active discussions, the world will be so much harder to improve. So many ideas will go unsaid, so many solutions will go unthought because there were no discussions to back them up. 



I get really frustrated because I want to talk about and address important issues, but a lot of people don’t. I also want to be clear that I do believe that safe spaces, with people whom you agree with, are equally as important. I just believe that discussions are significant as well. Feel free to leave your thoughts and ideas in the comments, even if they oppose mine because that’s what this whole post was about. Being able to discuss and create an open space, even if that means discussing contrasting opinions.  


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