my april bujo spread + update



With everything going on in the world, blogging wasn’t at the top of my list. Not that my life has been crazy or terrible, there has just been a lot of changes. BUT, I’m back. And I thought what better way to come back to blogging than with a bullet journal spread. I used to do these every month but stopped blogging about it, but I’m bringing them back. Search bullet journal at the bottom of the page to see all of my bullet journal spreads. Lately, I have been doing color themes instead of idea themes. This month I wanted something brighter and abstract so that I could have more fun with it. Feel free to comment or share in the comments below!





cover. I knew that I didn’t want to do any drawing but I wanted to play around with the colors so this is what ended up happening. I really liked how it turned out, even though I started with no expectations or clear vision. This page definitely sets the theme for the rest of the spread without being too much.




monthly spread. If you’ve seen my past bullet journal posts, then you know that I stick to the same general layout for the monthly calendar and daily. However, even though it’s the same build, I didn’t ‘do squares for each day, but I played around with the geometric aspects, sticking to the theme. Especially since I’m starting online school because of the coronavirus ( don’t worry, I have a whole post coming about that), I knew that I’m probably going to rely more on the day to day planning, rather than the big month spread – so the spacing wasn’t too important to me. I kept the same lettering and colors. Fun fact, I messed up with the days of the week, so I tried to cover it up by doing little backgrounds – which I actually really like.




notes. I love my notes page. Even though I usually don’t end up using most of the page, I like knowing that there is a place to leave random thoughts and reminders throughout the month. I also think that I’m going to use this to organize online school details and some of the stuff changing just so I can keep track of everything.




daily spread. This is the same layout as all of my other daily spreads. I usually don’t  like to do anything too fancy because this is what I use the most to stay organized. I played around with the colors and squiggles, and then messed up a little by getting color inside the box. To fix that, I purposely made little marks with the different markers. Also, this is just the first set, but usually, in a regular two pages of my daily spread, the first box on the left page is Monday and the 8th box is for notes.



It’s good to be back! I didn’t write because of everything changing, but I’m also realizing it was because there wasn’t anything that I wanted to write about. You can only write about feminism and the political problems of the world for so long until you need to take a break, but I’m back! I have a really important post on the coronavirus coming on THURSDAY, April 2ND. You can enter your email on the side, to get notifications for the post! 


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