let’s talk about the coronavirus

I already wrote a post, a while ago, about how everyone should stop joking about the coronavirus. This was before it was in America, but was still very serious. I tried to warn everyone, but here we are. I had to write more about it so that I can fully comprehend what is happening, but also so we can document it. Two posts are coming out, dedicated to this global epidemic. The first, this post, is just about the facts and about how the government, big brands, and people are reacting. The next post is going to talk about how we should reflect and learn from the situation that everyone is in. I’m also including more credible resources and some opinion pieces that I enjoyed, at the bottom of the page, in case you want to do some more reading. 

disclaimer: I’m going to respectfully criticize the American government and certain leaders, so if you are sensitive to that discussion, this may not be the right post for you. However, I would like to encourage everyone into reading opposing opinions, even if they are critiques, because it helps us to all become more aware and well-rounded thinkers. 

overview. I wanted to write this post first because before we can analyze and reflect on what’s happening, we need to know what’s happening. First of all, as of March 27, America became the leading country with the most confirmed coronavirus cases. In addition to hospitalizing people, it’s affecting the economy, the government, people’s lives, and big companies. I’m going to talk about how the government has reacted to the coronavirus with legislation and has promoted false information. It’s unfortunately become a major problem alongside the coronavirus that I wanted to address. People are panic buying and parallel to that trend, companies are price gouging. Overall, it’s not looking good, but hopefully, we can learn from these mistakes for the next inevitable pandemic.

government. It’s no surprise that I’m upset with the government right now. Not just with the lack of communication but the complete disregard of urgency that got the country in the position it is now. You can click here to read everything that the government has done and legislation that has been passed in response to the coronavirus. In this articleyou can see a fact-checking of President Trump’s remarks on the virus and state of the country’s preparedness for it.

people and companies. I also think it’s important to talk about how people are reacting, but alongside people panic buying and staying at home, there are companies price gouging and taking advantage of the virus. Price gouging is when a seller increases the price of a good or service at a rate that is unfairunreasonable and or exploitive. I’ll talk more about this is the next coronavirus post because this one is getting a little long, and I want to make sure I cover this topic enough.

is there an unforeseen positive side? “Briefly”, I want to talk about the environmental impact of COVID-19. There is are visible signs of changes in the environment, however, it’s not as positive as some sources make it seem. For example, yes, China’s air is cleaner because fewer people are driving and fewer factories are in production. The caveat is, once life returns to normal, a lot of those positive changes will be canceled out in attempted to catch up with the production lost. The coronavirus won’t necessarily change our environmental footprint after the pandemic reaches an end AND it’s not a sustainable way to achieve climate change action. Despite that, maybe it’s an opportunity for the world to start considering changes as communities have been given a clean slate. (it’s good to have hope )

why do we need to stay informed? If there’s one take away I would like people to keep after reading this, it’s that we need to stay informed. As I mentioned before, staying informed and more importantly being properly informed is important. False information leads to people not taking this seriously or not taking the proper steps to contain the virus. Faulty information from what should have been credible sources (like our president) is one of the major reasons why things got so bad so fast when we had more time to prepare.

the CDC. THIS website has so much information, ranging from symptoms to procedures at schools to the latest updates.

This turned out to be a longer post than I planned for, but as I did more research and started to write, I realized how much I wanted to say. And how much needed to be said. Hopefully, it helped to organize and clear up a lot of what’s happening, or maybe it just showed something new. All of my resources are below and I also included some opinion pieces that I found interesting. I’m not saying that I’m an expert or certified coronavirus doctor, but I just wanted to do something to make sure the right information is getting out there. Lastly, I’m just going to remind everyone to STAY HOME! I know that’s all the people here, but it’s really important. You can CLICK HERE to read the specifics of why. Thanks for reading and stay healthy!







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5 thoughts on “let’s talk about the coronavirus

  1. Tiffany says:

    You provide great information and facts. Sometimes we all have to be honest about what’s happening. The government only step up when the entire world is infected. Yet when one population has been starving for clean water, President was silent.

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