what should the government learn from covid-19



When I say learn from this virus, I mean learn from the situation we are in and all of the effects it’s having. The government is not doing the best job handling the coronavirus and that’s why it’s not getting better at the same rate as other countries. It would be unfortunate if, after the coronavirus epidemic was over, we learned nothing from it or our failures. The coronavirus is showing us the clearly weak parts of our country and it’s going to make us deal with them, hopefully As always, at the bottom of the post I have included more resources and articles that I found very informative and useful.



government response. Oh boy. If you read my post overviewing the coronavirus, then you know what is coming. Out of all the groups that I mention in this post, I think our government needs to and has the most to learn from the pandemic. We can all agree that their response and containment methods have not been great. Whether it’s methods of informing the public or overall preparedness in general, there needs to be a change in the future to make sure we are not in the same situation again.

communication with the public. Different levels in the government aren’t communicating well and that results in misinformation to the public, leading to chaotic responses to control the virus. In the future, the administration needs to ensure that they are all on the same page and have an organized way of getting information out there.

communication with states. As a result of the lack of leadership in the white house, a “power vacuum” amounts and state leaders are taking that role. That leads to positive things and a lot of negative things. First of all, there’s no clear plan for the entire country. There’s also the issue of states taking the coronavirus at various levels of seriousness. Some states have a lockdown, while others don’t. There are no signs of communication between the states and government, and one major example has to do with medical supplies and resources. 

medical supplies and resources. At first, the Trump administration left it up to the individual states to acquire their own ventilators and medical necessities. However, now things have changed at the shipment of those supplies have been stopped/redirected. They are trying to distribute supplies through a different system but that has just led to confusion and a lack of medical supplies in hospitals, where people actually need them. That’s the main issue, that hospitals aren’t getting what they need to properly and efficiently combat the virus. So MAYBE we might need an actual plan next time to acquire medical supplies and distribute them to the proper hospitals promptly. *I’m still a little confused about this situation but I’ve included links below that go into more detail* 

our healthcare system. If nothing, the coronavirus has shown us how fragile and weak our “healthcare system” is. Not only that but how unequal it is. There’s a great majority of people who can’t afford to get treatment if they get the coronavirus because their healthcare doesn’t cover that. This leads to people not having the option to go to the hospital or face expensive bills. Click here to read a more in-depth exploration of this issue. 

overall theme. The government has handled the coronavirus in an unorganized, immature and unfortunate manner. We have to recognize this so that we can move forward from this time with the knowledge that will help us strengthen the country and government. We need to make sure that those changes happen.



It’s really important to reflect and analyze what’s happening right now, even if the pandemic isn’t even close to being over. It is especially important to look at and criticize what the government is doing because this will not be the last virus outbreak in the country or world. If our government goes on being held unaccountable, then they won’t be reflected on or analyze what they have been doing wrong. We need to be able to criticize our government so that we as a nation can grow from this dark time in history. I’ve written a couple of blog posts about the coronavirus, and I have a couple more coming up. 









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