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I thought that I may have been overdoing it with all of the heavy political writing, SOO this is going to be a calm, normal bullet journal post! I think that it’s important to note that I love writing about politics and feminism, but I also like bullet journaling. If you are interested in my other bullet journal posts, you can click here to see them all! I also used my pinterest a lot for bullet journaling, but there are also some feminist and political boards.


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title page. This should give you a good sense of what the theme is. I used brown paper that I usually use for sewing patterns and wrapping. I did some basic hand lettering, which I use throughout the spread. With a thin sharpie and some markers, I did some basic doodles of flowers.




notes. The notes page is usually pretty simple because I don’t use it as much, but I like having it there. I kept the same doodles and hand lettering, along with the brown paper.


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monthly. This is where it gets exciting. I loved how this page turned out. I did the brown paper first, and then put the calendar on top. The calendar has mistakes at the bottom, but I fixed it by adding some more flower doodles. I used the same markers for the days of the week, but kept it simple with the font. On the side, I have space for general notes and dates. Something new I did was the book section. I wanted to keep track of the books I read every month, rather than the books I read every year. However, I do have a section in the beginning of my journal with a to-read list.


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daily.  To finish it off, I have my daily spread. I keep it the same every month, every week. This layout has always worked for me, giving me enough space for my tasks and events. I don’t like stressing about the borders in my bujo, so I intentionally made it a little more crazy and free handed it. I did the colors randomly and I always leave a notes section.




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