how has blogging helped me as a global citizen


Recently, I’ve been thinking about why I blog about politics and feminism. The main reason I could think of was that I have become a better global citizen and activist. This is post is going to be mainly about how blogging and writing have impacted me, but also about what a global citizen is and why it’s important. Like always, I have some resources and articles at the bottom of the page for further reading.


what is a global citizen? To put it simply, a global citizen is someone that is a part of the “emerging global community” and contributes to building that “community’s values and beliefs”. For me, that’s engaging in issues and striving to promote change. I’m probably going to do a whole other post dedicated to the idea of “global citizenship”.

more aware. When my blog posts aren’t about my life or experiences, they are about current events. Writing about those events or ideas requires research. Through that research, I learn a lot that I may not have known otherwise. I like to read about more than just the surface and end up becoming aware of things I hadn’t known before. Being aware is extremely important because it leads to ideas and actions in the world, and I like to be as aware as I can.

view more perspectives. Along with being aware, the research that I do also consists of looking at more perspectives. I do this because I know that people reading my blog are coming from different countries, with different perspectives, opinions, and backgrounds. As a result, my opinions and values have been molded by more factors, which is always better than one. I believe that our ideas should be reflective of our own perspectives, but it’s also good and helpful to keep other perspectives in mind.

critical thinking. More often than not, I tackle topics that either don’t have clear answers or require a lot of critical thinking. And by talking and writing about these topics on my blog, I practice and perfect my critical thinking. I think it’s one of the most important things to do, even outside of politics because of how conducive it is to forming well backed up beliefs.

fully develop my beliefs. Overall, blogging has helped me develop my own ideas and beliefs. I’ve mentioned this before, that writing a blog post is my actual process of forming an idea. Usually, the topic of a blog post posing a question and through research and analysis, I can answer that question for myself. A good example of what I am talking about is my post about feminism in classic literature where I analyze whether or not those books were feminist. Being more aware and being a critical thinker both help me make sure that my ideas are developed and reflective of what I truly believe.



I’m definitely going to be writing more about what it means to be a global citizen in the future. I personally value that aspect of myself a lot and I think it’s important for the world in general. I have included some resources below in case you want to read more about it!




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