how you can fight against racism

This post is going to be more serious. However, I’m not going to talk about how the government and local authorities are failing to reform a long-lasting issue of police violence, gun violence, police militarization, all fueled by racism. This post is going to be a compilation of resources for you to actively fight racism, specifically in regards to recent acts of racist police violence against black men, such as George Floyd. And just racism in general. If you do have any credible resources that I may have missed, feel free to email me so that I can add them to this post or leave them in the comments.

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donate. This is always a great way to start. Whether it’s directly helping the affected families or larger advocating organizations, it’s more than helpful.

petition. By petitioning, you are helping show that people care and demand action as well as help instill urgency in congressional leaders.

credible information. This is a big one because so much misinformation is being spread, through social media or just general communication, and it adds to the overall ineffectiveness of action. Here are some sources of how to make sure you are reading real information as well as some credible information pertaining the current events.

congress. I already wrote a post about what calling congress does, in case you are skeptical or unaware of the process and efficacy. While it may not be the most effective method on this list, anything is worth trying and it could help in the long run.

some more general resources.

People have been reposting instagram posts for years, commenting on various acts of violence, but it’s not enough. Not when there are more productive and effective things that you can do. I hope everyone is staying safe and healthy, as well as aware of how you can fight.

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