behind the blog: why I write about politics​


As a little bonus post for the week, I am going to be talking about who I am, why I blog, and some general information about this blog. The main two reasons that I decided to write this post are that this little community has grown a lot in recent months and it’s the beginning-ish of the year, which I think is the perfect time to reflect on what got this blog to where it is now and where it is going! I already have an About Page, but this is going to go a little more in-depth as to why I write about this and will also have some more fun information. Please feel free to introduce yourself and join/start a discussion in the comments! 

who is Rohini? Hi, if you didn’t know already, my name is Rohini. I am a super vocal, super enthusiastic intersectional feminist. I’m currently in high school, which sometimes surprises people considering what I talk and write about. Some fun facts, I’m a Taurus and I think that I fit the zodiac sign. I sew and do a lot of sewing based community service. When I am not writing for this blog, I’m reading or watching movies. I’m currently trying to watch every single Denzel Washington movie (in case you are wondering, there are over 50 movies on that list). 

my age. Before we talk about why I write about politics and feminism, we should address my age. If you didn’t’ know before, you know before ( because I don’t randomly mention my age in every blog post), I am young. However, I don’t think that this is a reason to discredit what I write about or what I share on this site. My age is part of what makes my perspective unique and what makes this blog unique. A lot of people are quick to judge when younger people get involved in politics or current events and even go as far as to diminish what they have to say. So, if the sudden knowledge of my age makes you re-think or doubt anything that I have written about, I would urge you to step back and reexamine this impulse. Yes, if I were a 3-year-old, my posts about healthcare might be questionable. However, as I am not a toddler, my opinions are more than valid, my posts are supported by reliable sources, and I should not have to authenticate or prove my views, especially not because of my age. 

starting a blog. I started this blog/website a very long time ago. Like I mentioned before, I sew, but this blog used to be dedicated to what I sewed and ethical fashion. I still sew, but my writing has gravitated away from that and has gravitated towards the main passion in my life, politics, and feminism.  

writing about feminism. Before I was even interested in politics or what was going on in the world, I was introduced to feminism. I was that girl in school (and still am) that brought up feminism in every class discussion, primarily if what we are learning had required a feminist perspective. Ever since early middle school, I have been a feminist. My feminism and beliefs have changed a lot over the years, especially as I’ve learned more about the world. I started writing about feminism not only because I wanted to share what I believed, but also to share a side of feminism that is unique to my perspective. Whether that’s intersectional feminism or my beliefs that came from being raised in a single mother household or as the daughter of immigrants, I wanted to get my voice out in the world. I soon discovered that blogging is also a great place to build a community and have discussions. I’ve met great people through this blog and have learned a lot from viewers and the comments that you all share! 

writing about politics. The 2016 and 2018 elections had an immense impact on me, as it did on many and the entire country. During the 2016 election, I was at an age where I could somewhat understand what was happening, enough to be alarmed, but I wasn’t fully aware. Then the outcome of the elections happened, and I was more motivated than ever to involve myself in it and learn more. I realized that feminism was not the only way to form my opinions and that politics required my attention. Fast forward 2 years to the 2018 elections, my faith in government and politics was restored, as there was an influx of women and women of color joining the government, women whom I deeply admire and respect. Now, writing about politics is not only a way for me to raise awareness about specific topics and provide resources about less flashy ones, but the research that goes into every post has helped me grow and learn a lot.  

my future. I am still far away from having to decide my future and any specifics, but I have a pretty good idea of what it will look like. As you probably have been able to deduce by now, I’m very passionate about politics, feminism, and speaking out about what I care about. I’d like to study political science or international relations at college, specifically Georgetown University (this is me manifesting it). I don’t know if I want to work at the State Department or the United Nations. I do know that I want to be involved in politics or policymaking, bringing a little morality and ethics into a very muddled, although powerful and important, world. 

the blog’s future. I hope to continue writing about the things that matter in politics and the world of activism. And as things get more confusing and surreal, I hope that this blog will help make things clearer (if possible) and more accessible. More than anything, I hope that this blog continues to be a safe space for people to learn, engage in discussions, and encourage others to grow. 

quick name disclaimer: The name of this blog is a little old, dating back to the days when this was a sewing blog. It will be changing soon, to match the change in content, but until then, we can ignore it. 

I previously mentioned how much I have enjoyed building this online community, and I mean it. Please introduce yourselves and feel free to share anything you want in the comments! Questions are more than okay too. 


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8 thoughts on “behind the blog: why I write about politics​

  1. HippyDonna says:

    Your young self is exactly why I followed you. I think you write better than agenda fuelled newspapers. Your feminism posts have been of great interest and I look forward to reading more. Like Jane who commented earlier, I am an older Australian (54) and I value all generations, their life experiences and their values. Keep doing you 💜☮️

    Liked by 2 people

    • Rohini Kudva says:

      Thank you so much for your encouraging words! Like I mentioned in this post, I’m so grateful to have this community where we can all come together, regardless of age or nationality, and discuss these important topics. More than that, I’m so fortunate that there are people, like you, who value others’ perspectives and diversity of thought.


  2. Brendan Birth says:

    I’m 26, by the way, so it sounds like where you were in 2016 is more or less where I was in 2008–fascinated with the election, but not grasping the enormity of what it meant at the time (obviously, 2008 meant a much different thing than 2016). While 2016 was beyond awful, it certainly sounds like that election has helped lead you to be even more passionate about politics, feminism, and lifting up those who need some lifting up, which is good.

    Liked by 1 person

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