About The Blog 

This blog is all about feminism, activism, and politics! You will see a lot of posts about feminism, empowerment, voting, current events, ways you can participate, book recommendations, and so many more important topics. Overall, this blog should be a safe space where all of us (including me) can learn more about what’s happening and stay aware. I want this blog to be a safe space for other feminists and global citizens to talk and share. This blog has changed a lot over time, and I hope it will continue to change as we all learn and grow.


About Rohini (that’s me)

 I’m Rohini. I’m a teenage intersectional feminist who is trying to explore the realm of politics and activism while developing a well-informed, unique perspective. Over the past couple of years, I’ve developed a strong passion for feminism, activism, and politics. I like to think that I’ve always been a feminist (at least since the first time I read The Feminine Mystique), but as I’ve grown and learned more about the world, in part due to this blog, my feminist energy has only grown. I also love reading and books in general, so you will definitely see more than a few posts about books. If there’s anything I love more than books, it’s talking about and recommending books. I love classics, political nonfiction, and gender studies. When I’m not writing about politics or feminism, I’m usually reading about it or watching Gilmore Girls. Other important information about me: I’m a Taurus, Aaron Sorkin fangirl, and a future Existentialist.



I really hope you enjoy reading the many articles on this blog. More than anything, I hope this can be a community where you can not only learn about politics and feminism, but share your opinions and thoughts. We have built such an amazing and open community, and I hope you will join and be a part of it! Feel free to follow to get updates on when I post or follow me on Instagram @rohinikudvatheblog or any of my other social medias. They can all be found on the right where you can also follow this blog!